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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dariel's Friday Flash Stop - "Forever Monsieur"

Cool pic, huh? Once again, my friends and I have gathered to offer our take on one pic - same pic, different interpretations, all 100 words. Click here to see my friends' flashes. Enjoy! 


Forever Monsieur

“What did I tell you, Love?” He whispers, bare chest against my back, and I erupt, molten lava overtaking every solid organ, every bone, but I mustn’t lean into him. Monsieur doesn’t like that.

I revert to my native tongue, my lust-dazed mind attempting a rough translation - Qu'est-ce que je vous dis, l'amour?
Ah! English. He wants me to always speak English while we are here, in the Americas.

He rips my gown away, leaving me entirely at his mercy.

“Here.” Monsieur hands me a hand mirror, his voice soothing.

“Fix your face. These tears mar your beauty, and you know I detest weakness. I will return when you are…prepared.” 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

11 Last Minute NanoWrimo Prep Articles

In reference to the above quote, at least not in November, anyway :-) I’m having surgery on the 30th of this month so won’t be able to participate, but looking forward to joining you next November. Sharing this helps me feel like I’m a part of the party anyway. Just a quick comment since I really want you to check out these articles. There’s even a video here to mix things up a bit. 

Each one has a little something different, and the last is a Twitter friend who always offers good tips. So, 11 (11 for the 11th month - the nerd must get a word in) articles to help prepare (even at the last minute) for NanoWrimo 2014. Happy writing, Everybody!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dariel's Feature: "Disposable People" (The Adelheid Series Book 5) by Mia Darien

If you haven't read "The Adeleid Series" yet, you're missing out. So far, there are five books in the 4.5**** star (overall) series, and hopefully more to come. Take a look at number five.

Disposable People
(The Adelheid Series Book 5) 

Even Adelheid has a dark side... 

Detective Vance Johnston has a lot going for him. He's got good friends, a job he likes, gets to play tiger every now and then, and is getting ready to propose to his long time girlfriend, Sadie Stanton. Things are looking pretty good. 

That is until a shocking turn of events sends him into a case at the last minute that threatens not just everything in his life, but his life itself. Thrust into the seedy underbelly of the preternatural organized crime world, Vance is trapped, a prisoner to the entertainment and money of a darkness threatening to undermine Adelheid. 

But he's not alone. Not just in the prison he's kept in, but on the outside too. He just has to hang on until help comes, but that's going to be anything but easy as his own beast within is used against him.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time For An Author's Assistant? Meet Gina B.

Need help with your blogs, social media sites, newsletters? Meet Gina B., Author's assistant. I initially met Gina online through an author friend who offered to host me and my books on her blogs. Snowed under with the joys of being an Indie Author, one of the first questions I asked was "where can I find an assistant?" We've been in touch ever since, so I invited her for an interview. I also included a contact link in case you'd like to talk to her about your business.

1.    Tell me about your journey to becoming a writers’ assistant. What were some of your first steps toward making this career choice a reality?  

     I kind of “fell” into this job. My background is in sales and marketing and
     music and film, so I figured I’d be able to learn quickly in the book/author
     arena.  It’s a HUGE world and I love learning the other side of the books. 
     I am a reader so that made it an easy transition.

2.    What 3 things would you like writers to know about you? 

     I am always looking for more authors to work with. 

I am honest.  I am trustworthy.  I can keep a secret.

3.    How many authors do you usually work with at any given time? How do you meet/contract with most of your authors?  

At present I am working for 3 authors in 3 different genres.  I know one of my authors personally - she got me into this!  I was lucky to get another author through her and then I met my next author at the RNC convention in Las Vegas.  All of my authors have given me weekly hours for which I am overwhelmingly grateful.

4.    What would you say are some of your strongest attributes as a writers’ assistant?

 I care about my work and how it affects my authors.  I like to think of these authors as friends so I take it hard when I make a mistake, I don’t like letting people down.

5.    In terms of social media platforms, I’ve come to prefer my blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest, so I use a number of tools to stay organized and active. What are some of the best social media, marketing, and publicity tips you’ve come across for authors

Use all the platforms differently.  They each have a specific audience and you need to market to each of those audiences in unique and different ways.

6.     Which social media platform do you generally spend the most time on, and which platforms do you prefer?

Probably Facebook but I can most certainly get sucked in to Pinterest and lose time!  I use Twitter but feel like sometimes the noise in the twitterverse is too loud most days.

7.    Along that same line, what are some of your favorite resources for writers’ assistants? Courses? Websites? Blogs?

I am currently enrolled in Social Media Marketing University, and feel like I am learning a lot from that.  I have been lucky to get great information from other author assistants and have made some great contacts through bloggers and blog hops.

8.    Obviously, you stay extremely busy. How do you handle your many roles in terms of time and resource management?

I am a list maker.  There are lists everywhere!  I still use pencil and paper, I rewrite my lists when tasks are completed and keep everything.  My list making OCD takes more of my time than the actual tasks sometimes!   I set a schedule for myself and really do the best I can to stay on track.  

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Gina. I wish you great success! 
Leave a comment or question below, or
Click here to visit Gina and leave her a message.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seamless Takeover

Check out how the following amazing group of writers get inspired by this picture. Each has 100 words, no more, no less, to come up with their version which they do so well. Please click here and show them some love by reading. As always comments are much appreciated.

Seamless Takeover

“Evening, Mama.” Tina smiled.

“Evening, my pet.”

No one else saw Mama step out the back door and into the colorful lights, inspecting her masterpiece. Once merely a dark alley in the underbelly of New Orleans, Mama had turned “Dollhouse Lane” into a thriving empire.

Her spirit inhabited every room, every corner as she had for 150 years, ignoring the angel of death’s call to rest.

Mama glided back into the club and approached Tina, her entry seamless.

Mama slid from the pole, her lithe, young body swaying and twisting, lost in the music.

She needed a vessel, and Tina fit perfectly.